Leak Detection

Leak Detection

What can we trace leak detections on?

  • Leaking central heating pipe work or boiler issues
  • Leaking hot or cold water pipes
  • Leaking bathroom facilities
  • Leaking external incoming water supplies
  • Rising damp
  • Ingression of rainwater

Non-invasive leak detection

  • Have water damage to floor coverings, ceilings or walls?
  • A spinning water meter but nothing in use within the house or a high water bill?
  • Loft tanks constantly running?
  • Combination boiler losing pressure?
  • Is your plumber / builder scratching their heads and you’re worried that everything must be excavated or taken out to locate the cause?

Then we can help by locating the cause of the above issues without causing any damage until the source of the damage/leak is exposed and ready for repair.

9 times out of ten we only need to remove 1-2 floor tiles or floorboards to access a leak under a floor and make a repair which saves a lot of disruption and excess damage/mess.

Using the highest tech equipment of thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, endoscopes, ground microphones and tracer gases and dyes, we can locate your leak or the source of damage, even if any issue with rainwater ingression or rising dampness is apparent. This can be identified by taking plaster / concrete samples to carry out a salt test.

We offer a full service of locating the leak, making access/excavating the leak, repairing the leak and completing a fully detailed insurance company-recognised report. The report covers all damage caused by the leak how we found the leak and the access work which was required to repair the leak. The report also includes full advisories of works required to remedy the damage and the dampness still present, if any.

Additionally, our team ensures that all work is carried out with minimal intrusion into your daily routine, prioritizing cleanliness and efficiency. Our comprehensive approach not only addresses the immediate problem but also provides long-term solutions to prevent future issues, giving you peace of mind and a dry, safe home.

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