INS – Construction

INS - Construction

Insurance Property Claims Ltd are a team with a wealth of experience in both the domestic and commercial sector. You will find this experience evident on any of our projects and we complete all work to a high standard with exceptional craftsmanship.

You can rest assured that the conduct of Insurance Property Claims personnel is the fundamental measure against which we are judged. Our clients are our most important assets and ambassadors. For this reason our highly qualified staff are carefully selected and are obliged to follow a strict code of conduct.


We are a responsible contractor realising that we have an impact on the environment through our actions. We seek to minimise this by acting responsibly and focusing on sustainability. Our environmental policy emphasises our commitment to work with our clients and suppliers to deliver the most sustainable construction methods.


Our emphasis is on client satisfaction. We are committed to delivering quality projects every time. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way to ensure everyone is happy with the end result.

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