Flooded House On Return From Holiday

While the client was away on holiday, water was escaping at the mains pressure for roughly 12 hours. The leak came from the hot water pipe in the upstairs bathroom, causing a lot of damage throughout their property.

The water flowed throughout the 1st floor and spread across the ceiling in the kitchen and dinning room. The ceiling promptly collapsed onto the kitchen units and furniture.

This lead to more water spreading through the kitchen, dinner room, utility room and hallway.

Due to the excessive amount of water, there was a lot of damage to the property.

Figure 1- Collapsed ceiling onto the kitchen cabinets.

We attended the property and amended the leak, placing a injection drying system in place to reduce the moisture levels back to where they should be.

However a pipe in the kitchen floor was hit by a drying contractor during the installation of an injection drying system.

This damage was excavated which showed that it was the underfloor heating pipe which had been hit.

Luckily the heating system was not losing pressure until the pipe was hit which tells us that there weren’t any leaks within the property.

Figure 2- Burst pipe hit during injection drying.

Before reinstatement the property was stripped out and dried fully to allow us to carry out further reports as to whether there would be mould damage or condensation throughout the property.

Figure 3- Strip out and injection drying equipment installed before reinstatement.

There was a lot of works to be completed, some of which included replacing the flooring, kitchen cabinets and bathroom. With every claim we complete a fully detailed schedule of works which tells both the client and the insurance company what needs to be completed.

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