Collapsed Ceiling Caused By Wet Room

Upon arrival the evidence of a leak was clear as the kitchen ceiling had collapsed and the extent of this damage could be seen on the kitchen walls and units. This damage can be seen in [Figure 1].

Figure 1- Collapsed kitchen ceiling.

Through visual inspection, it was identified that the bathroom directly above, which was being used as a wet room, was causing the damage. But, when the water was turned back on, all visible pipework was checked and found to be watertight.

There was also severe mould found on the ceiling with mushrooms growing from the high level of moisture. This is shown in [Figures 2 and 3].

To confirm our findings we carried out a thermal imaging survey which presented an abnormal cold spot between the tile wall within the bathroom. When this was investigated, a section of tile was removed to expose a 15mm compression union, linked to the shower, had failed.

After the leak was traced and accessed, a repair was carried out to prevent further leaks.

 Due to the severity it was recommended that a full strip out of the affected areas was carried out and that a drying programme was put in place.

And this is what we did!

We created a detailed schedule of works which states the exact works which need to be completed in every affected area.

In the damaged area, the kitchen cabinets and appliances had to be removed and re-instated. However, due to the client not having matching items on their insurance policy, we could only reinstate the half of the kitchen on the right side of the plinth.

Not only, the ceiling was reinsulated and replaced, as well as new wall tiles and flooring also being completed.

During the trace and access the bathroom tiles were removed to allow access to the leak and so to reinstate this, the wall tiles and plater was removed and replaced.

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