Impact Damage Insurance Claim

A car, travelling past the property, missed the turn and attempting to slow and make the corner, lost control and entered the property through the front hedge, onto the drive and into the right-hand elevation of the property before the force of the impact brought the vehicle to a halt on its roof. The impact caused damage to the property, rendering it uninhabitable after the incident.

Though planned for a year, the family was thrilled to move back home early thanks to INS completing the project in just 6 months.

INS took a proactive approach to your claim. They arranged for a structural engineer to assess the damage and then submitted a building notice to the local authority. Additionally, they coordinated a meeting with the building control officer and the loss adjuster from your insurance company to discuss the necessary repairs.

You can look at their report’s findings by clicking below to view the report.

Once everyone involved had a clear understanding of the damage, the repair schedule, and the insurance policy wording, INS was able to move forward with the reinstatement process efficiently.


Figure 3 – The damage to the kitchen showing where the units had been pushed forward as a result of the impact

The property was a timber frame house with no major signs of structural movement but cracking to cement render near the corner of the house caused by the impact. The approved schedule of works involved the external works being completed before the internal work began.

The project involved works to both inside and outside the property. Externally, we repaired damaged timbers, installed a new window, and modernised the rear and right-hand elevations with rendering including painting the external walls. Inside, new flooring and a brand-new kitchen were complemented by a complete decoration throughout the ground floor.

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